Activities and Benefits

Interdisciplinary Training and Enrichment

Our trainees goes across the boundary of deparments, and receive exposures to the related research areas from a different angle. The program offers extra mentoring on research projects and career development from CBI faculty, and oversight by faculty other than their own lab's principle investigator. In addition, the CBI community provides a cohort of students who help each other on their projects to understand cutting edge research at a deeper level.


Trainees participate in a 2-3 month internship in a complementary field. Our advising faculty work with the trainees to find the best suitable position.

Retreats, Symposium, and Colloquia

Our program participants has the opportunity to attend the Molecular Biology Institute Retreat, Sigman Symposium, and invited CBI special lectures.

CBI trainees at 2016 Molecular Biology Instute Retreat at Lake Arrowhead


CBI students are active in outreach activities to K-12 students, undergraduates, and the community.

Photo: CBI trainee with Queen Latifah on her show demonstrating fun science experiments

Photo from The Queen Latifah Show


Our program encourages diversity in the sciences and we welcome graduate students from historically underrepresented minority groups, economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and students with disabilities.

Have questions? Contact: CBI Program Coordinator