Chemistry of Biology Seminar, Spring 2017

Seminar topic: Protein glycosylation and applications
Tuesdays 12-1 PM

Week Date Speakers Topic
1 4/4 No class
2 4/11 Sam Paluck, Jeong Hoon Ko Introduction to glycosylation
3 4/18 Guest speaker: Nik Veldhuis (Monash U.) Targeting Pain at the Source: Drug targeting Strategies for the Regulation of Endosomal Signalling
4 4/25 Rachel Day, Jessica Logan, Elaine Qian Biological Approaches to Protein Glycosylation – Glycosylation of Therapeutic Proteins
Review: [Link]
Paper: [Link]
5 5/2 No class
6 5/9 Christopher Sue, Isaac Benavides, Kat Wilson (guest: Prof. Ohyun Kwon) Chemical Approaches to Protein Glycosylation - Vaccines
Review: [Link]
7 5/16 Deborah Jarrett, Adam Simon, Meaghan Valliere, Madeline Gelb Semi-Synthetic Approaches to Protein Glycosylation: Glycoengineering
Review: [Link]
Paper: [Link]
8 5/23 Jessica Ochoa, Joyann Barber, Pesach Perlin TBD
9 5/30 Deborah Jarrett (12:00), Adam Simon (12:20), Jessica Ochoa (12:40) Individual meeting
10 6/6 Meaghan Valliere (12:00), Elaine Qian (12:20) Individual meeting

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