The Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Predoctoral Research Training Program at UCLA is an NIH-funded program designed to provide research training to predoctoral students in chemical approaches to the solution of biological problems.

The CBI Program is not accepting appications for the 2019 cycle. [Click for details]

Program Awards:

  1. Funding for 3 years, including Tuition & Fees and Stipends
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Travel Allowance
  4. Interdisciplinary Faculty Mentors Across Participating Departments (Biological Chemistry, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology and more. See Participating Faculty for more details)
  5. Summer Internship Opportunity
  6. Retreats and Colloquia Participation
  7. Symposium Participation
  8. Outreach Opportunity

Program is available to Ph.D students who have chosen a CBI training faculty member as his/her mentor. They may apply at the end of their first year of graduate studies for support during years 2-4.

Interested? Contact Us.

Students selected to participate in this program are trained in the language and techniques of biological and chemical sciences and gain experience as members of multidisciplinary teams working on the frontier of research at the chemistry-biology interface.